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VTSL strikes back with the new Star-Wars-themed Improv Wars – The Laugh Jedi

With anticipation building for December’s release of Episode VII – The Last Jedi (featuring the late great Carrie Fisher’s final film role), Star Wars mania is once again on the rise.

But if you can’t wait another two months for your Star Wars fix, don’t worry because Vancouver TheatreSports League has got you covered with their latest show: Improv Wars – The Laugh Jedi.

VTSL takes you to a galaxy far, far away with a cast that includes iconic Star Wars characters like Han Solo, 3-CPO and Jabba the Hut, as well as lesser-known roles like sinister Grand Moff Tarkin and jovial moisture-farmer Aunt Beru.

The characters face off in a series of challenges to determine who will earn the title of the Laugh Jedi and save the universe. As with all VTSL shows, each round is based on audience suggestions, so – unlike most Star Wars movies – no two shows are alike. (Seriously, how many killer giant space stations does the Resistance need to blow up?)

If blue milk isn’t your thing, the Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge is pairing the show with special Cantina Cocktails inspired by the films. Perhaps a Darth & Stormy Trooper or Jabba Juice will persuade you to join the Dark Side?

Improv Wars – The Laugh Jedi runs every Thursday through Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. from October 5 through November 18. All shows take place at VTSL’s home theatre, The Improv Centre on Granville Island. Tickets start from as low as $10.75 and are available online.

The farce is strong with this one.

Sponsored by Vancouver TheatreSports League.