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Exhibit B takes your grandpa’s old neckwear and turns it into smart and sexy bowties.

Exhibit B_1

It’s been almost five years since bowties started their climb out of fashion obscurity, adorning the necks of Brooklyn hipsters and, of course, Manhattan’s thin-suited A-gays. Around these parts, they’ve never been more popular — if a wholly unscientific poll conducted by PINQ at a handful of this season’s swankiest events is to be believed. So we got tied in knots when we discovered Exhibit B, a local label that recycles tacky neck ties from the past and gives them a new life that’s decidedly on trend.

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Designers Alison Hartford and Krista and Kara Elde rummage through vintage shops and yard sales to find forgotten four-in-hands, Windsors and small knots and re-cut them on the bias for a fashion-forward freshen-up (pictured). Available in full and slim widths and with fully adjustable necks, each tie comes in a glass sample jar with tying instructions. (Although, chances are most PINQ readers won’t need instructions. If you do, this is the target=”_blank”>best video we’ve found to teach you how.)

Exhibit B ties are available in recycled silk and one-of-kind cotton or seersucker versions and range in price from to . Available at Much & Little, Jeweliette, Two of a Few, Gravity Pope Tailored Goods, Hills of Kerrisdale and Ray Rickburn.

We’re willing to stick our neck out on this one.