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See the Burrard Bridge lit up as it was originally designed to be tonight!

Completed in 1932 for the grand price of $3 million, The Burrard Bridge is one of the few surviving Art Deco bridges left in the world. Of course, by the time of it’s grand opening (pictured), Art Deco was falling out of fashion and being replaced by the more streamlined Moderne style.

Nonetheless, the bridge was hailed as a beacon of progress and positioned Vancouver as the gateway to a new, more modern Western Canada.

By the 1960s, it became an antiquated eyesore. Back when city council actively considered running a 12-lane highway through downtown and ringing the West End with a Seattle-style elevated parkway, decorative and structural elements in danger of crumbling were removed, including the original concrete lamp standards, bronze light fixtures, and sconces.

Now, after several years of upgrades and a tidy $35 million price tag, the City is ready to unveil the newly updated Burrard Bridge, complete with the completely restored historic lighting scheme, reconstructed using surviving examples and equipped with modern tri-LED lights.

The switch will be flipped tonight at 7pm, bridging the past and the present.