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New BC-based App is like AirBnB for outdoor fun.

There’s so much rugged, natural beauty in BC that it can be hard to just get out there and enjoy it.

Where are the best North Shore mountain biking trails? What’s the best place in Squamish for a day hike (besides The Chief)? How can I take that perfect Insta shot to make all my house-bound friends jealous this weekend?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions, then Yervana, a new made-in-BC App for iPhone, could be for you.

Sort of like Airbnb, but for the great outdoors, Yervana matches experts (Locals) with adventure seekers (Explorers) of all skill levels with a roster of custom-designed hikes, back-country ski runs, bike trails, canoe trips and more. Adventures take place from Vancouver up the Sea-to-Sky to Whistler, and beyond. Scroll through the different offerings, pick your guided adventure and pay, all in the App.

Your hosts can even help with equipment rentals, transportation and snacks. All you have to do is show up.

Yervana makes it easy to explore your own backyard. So take it outside!

Photo courtesy Yervana/Jakob Ager